are you loco???

in my last post, i mentioned one of my favorite foods, today, it’s all about one of SW’s all time favorite foods..(it’s probably also no surprise as i’ve blogged about it several times) — LOCO MOCO.  he’s talked about making it at home, key word here is ‘talked’ haha.  So the other day, i finally decided to turn all this ‘talk’ of making loco mocos into reality.

i went online and looked up some loco moco recipes..and found this one by Ming Tsai that looked pretty good:

it includes caramelized onions in the sauce..mmm…onions.  but, SW likes things ‘simple’, so i followed the recipe for the burgers so there would be a little extra umph in the patties, but used a more plain recipe for the sauce:

this 2nd recipe seemed pretty legit.  i really got a kick out of the fact that the word ‘yumyums’ is used in the recipe..those crazy hawaiians!! 🙂

Anyhow, I got all the ingredients, and mixed up the ground beef with the seasonings.  This, might I add, was the first time I’ve made burgers myself (watched them made many times in the past, but have never done it).

photo 1

I normally don’t mind touching food, but I wasn’t particularly looking forward to touching gooey mushy cold meat.  Not to mention my hands were coated with grease/oil/fat? afterwards.  It was like I had some extra moisturizing cream on my hands! lol

into the dutch oven (giggle giggle) to get a nice, crispy exterior..

photo 2

the  dutch oven worked great!

then, it was time to incorporate the ‘yumyums’ (or the leftover meat juices & seasoning) into the making the sauce.

photo 3

i added a bit of cornstarch to thicken it…

oh, i forgot,  loco moco isn’t complete without hawaiian mac salad…which i think really just means lots of Best Foods mayonnaise!

Quite easy to make as well.

lastly, fried a few eggs to go on top..and here we have loco moco + mac salad!

photo 4

nom nom nom..

photo 5


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