no bball for SW on Monday night, so we went in search for a nice meal instead.  AQ’s casual sister restaurant TBD just opened a week ago, and we were able to snag some last minute reservations.


1077 mission street, san francisco ca  415.431.1826


“TBD {”to be determined”} is the philosphy behind our restaurant. Everything on the menu is determined by seasonal availability of local products. The result is a dynamic, frequently-changing menu inspired by primal means of cooking with live fire.”

I’ve heard good things about AQ, but have yet to try it.  The concept of TBD is interesting because everything is cooked over a wood burning grills..you can smell the aromas from outside before you even enter.  no gas or electric here.  they are cooking food medieval style!


the ambiance was nice, very open and airy.  we were seated at our table, and then told everything we need is located within the drawers.  how cool!  it reminded me of the desk we had in elementary school.  there were all the utensils needed + a cool little menu + a napkin neatly folded underneath it.  oh and complimentary sparkling water–always a plus in my book!

photo (71)

 the menu is broken down into different categories..


the dishes sounded both creative and inventive.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 3.12.14 PM

this sort of pricing system reminds me of dim sum!

 We had a spunky, hipster waitress who was really good at describing all the dishes and giving suggestions.  the “grilled lemonade” sounded interesting and it was exactly how it sounds.  They grill the lemons, and then make lemonade out of them!  I decided to order one and it was tart, but refreshing.

And after her suggestions, we decided to start with:


from the PLANCHA section:  “arepa, aged jack, maitake mushrooms”
arepa = is a flatbread made of ground maize dough
i’m always a sucker for mushrooms.


from the RAW section:  “autumn lettuces, butcher’s vinaigrette”
i really enjoyed this salad and it’s dressing


from the HEARTH + EMBERS section: “young potato, sea urchin, jalapeño, scallion”
this was a different combination of components to go along with uni!


larger entree plate from the PLANCHA section: “sole, spinach
walnut & lemon”
it was a pretty generous serving of sole, and it came in a huge bowl..one of the sauces was a bit sweet, and i usually wouldn’t think to add walnuts to fish, both made the dish different. good dish


larger entree plate from the GRILL section: “beef sirloin, brussel kraut, pastrami”
meat was cooked perfectly, a nice med rare. the ‘brussel kraut’ however, i wasn’t a huge fan of–super tart, i think i made a sour face when i ate them

normally SW isn’t enticed by desserts, but this caught his eye:

soft serve ice cream → different flavor every week


from the SWEETS section: “Orange Spice Soft Serve + Caramel Peanut Brittle”
interesting flavor..tasted a bit like orange creamsicle but with some licorice spice. i liked the brittle.

Overall, a pretty cool spot.  they seem to have everything running pretty smoothly having only been open for one week.  i forgot to mention they were all wearing uniforms–nice chambray oxford shirts with a black apron and it was cohesive with the rest of the restaurant’s vibe.

the food was good and i really liked the concept of live fire cooking.  and you might think the restaurant smelled of BBQ because of the cooking, but nope- it didn’t!


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