thai red curry chicken, made by me!

i’ve been meaning to make some thai food for ages…i’ve had the curry paste & coconut milk sitting in the cabinet, but whenever we order delivery (which is maybe once a month?), it always happens to be thai food, so this has been put off.

yesterday it had been awhile since our last thai delivery so it seemed to be the perfect time to finally make it.

on the menu:  red curry chicken + haricot verts (french green beans) with dried shimp and thai shrimp paste.

i find this meal pretty easy to make, because i actually eye ball it, rather then tediously measuring all the ingredients.  normally i’m a stickler for sticking to the recipe! 😛

i decided to use both breast and thighs, and after cutting into small pieces, i browned them first…


then added half a can of red curry paste, one can of coconut milk, buttom mushrooms (quartered), some fish sauce, and brown sugar.  Usually palm sugar is used, but, i just substitute brown sugar 🙂


towards the end, i also added a can of baby corn (SW likes baby corns) and some frozen peas for a little bit of color..i like peas!

image_3for the green beans, i boiled them for about 4 minutes first, then stir fried them for a few minutes in the wok and added dried shrimp, chili garlic sauce, and Thai Shrimp paste.


green beans all done!


some of the ingredients that i used:


dinner is served!



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