In the last couple of years, I realized that my love for food has grown tremendously. And how could that not be surprising these days, especially with all the foods shows, websites, and new & unique restaurants that keep popping up. Living in San Francisco has definitely spoiled me in the regards that there’s always something new and different to try. I’ve been super lucky in that I’ve had the best eating partner in the world–we’ll just call him SW. We’ve tried so many great restaurants and foods, and each time, I think to myself, “Will this be any different?”, but time and time again I am always still pleasantly surprised…must be the company 🙂

I’m always looking forward to eating, whether it’s a staple item such as Pho (one of my all time favorite things to eat), or a fancier dinner at say, Benu or Keiko a Nob Hill. But it’s not just going out to eat that I enjoy, cooking at home has also become a new love as well. The funny thing is, in college and for a long time after, the thought of cooking *anything* was the scariest thing ever. My knowledge was limited to microwaving and maybe boiling some instant noodles, and I did not feel comfortable at all in the kitchen. Who would have thunk it that I’d actually enjoy cooking and that it’d become somewhat of a passion??

My friend SW is a fellow food lover as well, and although I had some cooking experience, I must say that my initial desire to ‘step up’ my cooking game was mainly because of him. The first time I made him a meal, it was a pan seared rib eye (super easy recipe courtesy of Alton Brown). It’s a five minute steak, but it comes out pretty darn good. The second time I cooked for him, I tried to up my game and make Shaking Beef with Garlic Noodles (Charles Phan’s recipe from Slanted Door)–boy was that a mess. SW still said it was yummy and we both ate it anyways, even though it was overly salted 😦 Good thing I made one decent meal beforehand, other wise, he may never want to eat my food again!

I was talking to one of my friends, over lunch one day recently, and telling her that I’m a ‘piggie and just think about food all day’ (lol, but I’m actually serious when I say that) and would love to have Michael Bauer’s job as a food critic. How awesome would it be to get paid to just eat all different kinds of food?!? Clearly, this is a joke, I have no real experience in the food industry and am just a home cook. She suggested, ‘Why not start a blog?’ Well, MissP, that’s not a bad idea! I thought this would be a great way to document restaurants that I’ve been to, or food that I’ve made.

So over the past year and half, I started taking pictures of food that I’ve either made myself, or food from restaurants that I’ve been to. Even if no one reads this blog (which I’m totally okay with), it’ll be a nice journal of my food adventures.

Thanks for partaking in one of my favorite pastimes! Enjoy 🙂


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  1. Thanks for following my blog. You have an incredible blog too. Photos are fabulous! Can’t wait to read more. Cheers, Mrs. J

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